20 10 2017

Is it already time for my yearly update?

I wish I did better with this blog. I really do. I like writing. I like writing and talking about game development. I also like talking about politics (though that usually ends up with someone getting triggered). But I’ve not managed to keep this part of my life updated consistently and I’m not sure why.. In part I guess it’s because of the time investment; though it’s a poor excuse to be honest. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll do better from today. I’m certainly going to try.

Last post I spoke a bit about the process we use to develop Buck. It’s not a perfect process and we don’t keep to it perfectly but as with everything in the development ring, there are no silver bullets.

In other game related news; I’ve update the codebase from supporting Unity3D 4.6 to Unity3d 2017. Took about two weeks. The morale of that story is “don’t change tools/engines during production unless you have to”. We had to.

And I think I might speak a bit about my latest forays into prototyping and some of the lessons I’ve learnt already.

‘Till next time,

“it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine”