Friday Afternoon

11 11 2016

It’s been a hectic week and I’ve not managed to post a normal update on Sunday like I wanted but such is life I guess. This post is going to be fairly short as well I suspect. So, what happened?

Well, Donald Trump got elected. This has nothing to do with writing code but it was a fairly monumental event. Hopefully he’ll do better than his predecessor; concerning the middle east, I doubt he could do worse.

Everything else about this week had to do with chasing down minor bugs in the code and chasing after some bureaucratic bullshit concerning my father.

What did I manage to achieve this week?

Firstly we’ve replaced all interactive text prompts in the game with icons. And in order to do this I extended our basic sprite component to allow for atlasing (ie. the practice of having several distinct images within one texture and allowing users/systems to access them in an easy way). This in turn made it possible to quickly generate a texture atlas containing all input icons. And now the systems will automatically recognise and display the appropriate interaction input icon based on the player’s bound keys.

Secondly I had to fix some issues which came about from our new scene transitioning system (added a proper loading screen, support for an animated icon and an easier to use fade in/out system). The strangest bug that happened was that the pause menu broke. I guess that’s what happens with interconnected systems in the end. One change affects another. Luckily I’m not debugging on blind and I do have some automated tests…

Anyway, that’s it for now.

everybody knows that the dice is loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed




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