Waking Up Late

8 10 2015

So; last year (not over yet) has not been the most prolific year in terms of blog posts. But things did happen. Things in the industry like Gamergate, like freedom of creation, a discussion regarding privilege mostly debated and fought over by rich kids with trust funds who have no idea what the word oppression actually means and discovering I’ll not touch publications like Polygon or Kotaku with a stick if my life depended on it any more. The kickstarter revolution and the indie-apocalypse and more fun games that I love/d playing (and some less fun games I suffered through). All of which I’ll probably write a post about one of these days.

On a more personal note; my kids grew up again when I wasn’t looking. Zeve is in kindergarten now and an avid watcher of a show called Qumi Qumi Land which is, let’s be honest, a platformer without a player. That is to say, I utterly approve. Skye switched schools, again, starting 3rd grade in a public school and she seems to be doing quite alright. She’s also enjoying her first [kids-level] MMO and well, I gotta say it brings a smile to see her enjoy gaming. What else? Ah yeah, we moved apartments. I got hit by a car. You know standard stuff…

Getting hit by a car sucks. Broke both the tibia and fibula in my left leg and now I have a intramedullary nail. Look it up. I’m facing 4 months of physiotherapy left (out of 6) but progressing. I can now walk with only one crutch and around the house mostly without crutches at all. I’ll tell you this (you, the invisible reader of this blog, most likely me in a few years), I never realized how much we take walking for granted; the little motions and angles. I no longer take anything for granted. I feel every single point of contact and movement required for a step. Ouch. If there’s one piece of advice to take from this rather rambly post it’ll be: “don’t get hit by a car, it’s not fun”.

Still working on Buck. We’re getting closer to release. Still working on other projects. Still doing freelance work when I can. Started helping on a little prototype for something called Red Heaven. Go check these things out 😀

But where do I go from here?
I’ll continue a more formalized discussion on the concept of “game” without vexing lyrically. I’m going to write more code posts. I might slip in a couple of posts about where I stand politically and why. Who knows…

“why I’m staring out your window with a suitcase in my hand”