A Hard Link…

10 10 2012

… And no Zelda in sight!
Wow, I’ve sunk to new lows with my oh so wrong puns, but let’s move on.

I’m working with Unity again, who said that the sign of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? Well, unfortunately I’m expecting the same result, an easy starting slope which steeps up fairly quickly into a nerve-wrecking experience of Man vs. Machine. Unity by name only!

Anyway, my post is short since I actually have a deadline again, sort of.

One of the things that get me about Unity, and believe me there are many, is the fact I must see every goddamn file in the /Assets/ folder. That means that when I, like any sane person, circumvent the auto-generated Unity solution for my project, I have to put the .csproj files in the /Assets/ folder, not to mention the /bin/ and /obj/ folders and then get annoyed by them every time I open the folder in the project explorer. Aha! But no more! Surely you see where this is going, right? symbolic links for fun and, well, fun at the moment.

Nicely organized folders in five easy steps (I’ve actually just picked this number in random before writing the steps and I’m not going to edit it to make sure they match, so there 😛 ).

  1. Create Unity project.
  2. Create a new folder in the main Unity directory called Code or Source, or whatever rocks your boat.
  3. Create Solution file and add a new Unity.EditorScripts project.
  4. Go to /Assets/ and create /Assets/Code/Unity.EditorScripts.
  5. Create symbolic link in the actual project folder between it and the one in the /Assets/ folder (I called it code).
  6. Go play Cypher ’cause it rocks!

Blimey, it did actually take only five steps. And yes, Cypher is awesome. Go play it, now, I’ll wait… Actually I won’t but don’t let that bother you.

And just for a last little nibble. To make a link between folders simply:
mklink /d e:\Unity\AwesomeProject\Solution\ProjectName\Code e:\Unity\AwesomeProject\Assets\Code\ProjectName

Don’t forget the slash ‘d’ or it’ll make a file link (I had a couple of aborted attempts before realizing that).

Now all that’s left is to automate the process with Visual Studio, lose the annoying /Code/ ugliness in the project directory and I’m good to go.

“but blood makes noise”




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10 10 2012

btw, I’m soooo not keeping up with my posting schedule. To my defense however, it’s been two weeks of school holidays here and I’ve got a nearly six year old and a four month old. Hopefully I’ll get back to regular weekly activity from now while the crazy days have stopped for a bit.

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