7 02 2012

Well into the new year of 2012, exciting things, busy busy busy. This is a note, from myself to myself, an interesting concept before I fall asleep;

If books tell stories via narrative devices then by definition games must tell stories via the narrative of gameplay mechanics. There really isn’t a division between story and gameplay, it’s simply a matter of finding the correct narrative for the story we wish to tell, or vice-versa, find a story which can be told using our narrative mechanics. Or even, and here is a new horizon unshared by books (barring choose your own adventure), provide the interacting entity (player) narrative tools robust enough to tell their own stories. It’s not quite as easy as it seems, narrative devices are easier to find then to fit together in a coherent way (how difficult is it to read a book which constantly shifts between first and third person perspective?) and retrofitting stories rarely yields a satisfactory result, but hey at least we can stop arguing about which is more important…

“Get rhythm when you get the blues,
Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues”