Rainbows and Lollipops

9 07 2010

I’ve done a wonderful and terrifying new thing today… I’ve changed the color scheme on my IDE…

Wow, that’s a pretty strange thing to be excited over but I am. I haven’t actually done anything actively to the layout of my IDE in over 3 years now, with dimming the green comments somewhat being the only exception. Changing the entire scheme is hard. It’s also rewarding.  I always assumed that the just functional, normal, document-like colors are quite sufficient for me and my code. I was wrong.

From a health point-of-view the white background was always far too bright, especially at night [my normal developing hours] and I always find myself playing with the screen’s brightness. Twiddling it to manage, if not comfortable levels, then at least the realm of “please, please, don’t burn me anymore”. That was the first thing that went; from white to a deep grey [I didn’t like pure black, swallows too much of the font color range].

For the rest of the scheme I tried to choose low, cold colors as I found bright colors seem to “sink” into the grey and disappear. My comments are still green, my keywords are a nice dull ice-blue and the preprocessor directives became deep-purple. All in all I’m happy, it’s easy for me to read, it doesn’t strain my eyes and more so it gives me an even greater sense of ownership/control over my tools.

It also has the benefit of kinda looking like a roguelike, so yeah, I’m happy. Maybe I should post a picture.




4 responses

14 07 2010

Now if you could find a way to back up that colour information so that you didn’t have to redo it every time you resintalled your OS or dev environment that’d be perfect! That’s the thing stopping me from spending hours tweaking back my own preferred colour profile – I just don’t know that I’m ready to be hurt again by that loss, you know? *sniff*

15 07 2010

You can actually, Visual Studio allows to import/export settings via the tools tag in the menu-bar.

1 09 2010

Hi, Could you upload your exported settings?

Have you tried yellow bg? worked for yellow pages…

1 09 2010

A work in progress as alway, but it’s the one I’m using at the moment. Called it glacier ’cause it reminds me of ice for some reason [and when you put in a number in there it’s like sunrise].
Hope it works…

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