First in… First out

3 07 2010

I was going to write an amazing first post to this blog, it was going to be mind-blowing and life-changing and lots of other very important combinations of words that have a hyphen between them. I was going to, but it’s 3.07 in the morning and truly great prose seems just a sleep cycle away.

I’m not reallly sure what goes into a blog, or how to write one, but on the odd chance that somebody else is/will be reading this – Hello!

This blog is designed, mainly, to be a tool for recording and practicing reflection concerning code, technology and pretty much anything else I can think about. If anyone else is around, a comment here and there is more than welcome [I guess we all need to be loved a little].

As for other expectations I shall endeavour to update contents here on a weekly basis at the least although I would like to post around every two or three days in order to keep a ‘running’ tally of my records.

And for the benefit of those who just tuned in, my name is Amir Barak, I’m a programmer, I’m independent at the moment which is a nice way of saying that I’m unemployed and I deal mostly with C++ because I like it <—- wonder if that’ll ever come to bite me on the ass.

So, as the lady said, “That’s all there is, there isn’t any more”…

[stay tuned for the next post in which I would like to discuss data encapsulation in C++, or how safe are your private parts…]




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